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PART 69. AN OVERVIEW OF THE TURKISH WORLDPART 70. REPUBLIC OF AZERBAIJANPART 71. REPUBLIC OF KAZAKHSTANPART 72. REPUBLIC OF KYRGYZSTANPART 73. REPUBLIC OF UZBEKISTANPART 74. REPUBLIC OF TURKMENISTANPART 75. TURKISH REPUBLIC OF NORTHERN CYPRUSPART 76. FEDERAL AND AUTONOMOUS TURKISH REPUBLICSA- Republic of TataristanB- Republic of BashkortostanC- Republic of ChuvashstanD- Republic of SahaE- Republic Of AltaiF- Republic of TuvaG- Republic of Khakas(es)H- CrimeaI- Gagauz CountryJ- Eastern TurkestanPART 77. TURKISH COMMUNITIESA- Balkans1. Turks in Bulgaria2. Turks in Macedonia3. Turks in Western ThraceB- CaucasusC- Middle East1. Turk in Syria2. Turks in Iraq3. Turks in IranD- TurkestanE- Lower Volga and Crimean AreaPART 78 TURKISH DIASPORAA- Turkish Diaspora in EuropeB- Turkish Diaspora in AmericaC- Turkish Diaspora in Australia

 The Great Ottoman Turkish Civilisation
 Genel Türk Tarihi


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