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PART 33. FOUNDATION OF OTTOMAN STATE/OSMAN GHAZI, ORHAN GHAZI, MURAD I, BAYEZID I, MEHMET I AND MURAD IIA- Remarks on Ottoman HistoryB- FoundationC- Ottoman Rule and Policy of Settlement in the BalkansD- The Period of Fetret (Interregnum)PART 34. SULTAN MEHMED I AND THE CONQUEST OF İSTANBUL/ BAYEZID IIPART 35. SULTAN SELİM I AND ESTABLISHMENT OF OTTOMAN DOMINATION OVER THE MIDDLE EASTPART 36. SULEYMAN THE MAGNIFICENT AND THE UNIVERSAL EMPIREPART 37. XVII. CENTURY: PERIOD OF CRISIS / SECOND SIEGE OF VIENNA AND RETREAT FROM CENTRAL EUROPEA- Selim II, Murad III and Mehmet IIIB- The Seventeenth Century: The Period of Recession and CrisisC- Second Siege of Vienna and the Retreat from Central EuropePART 38. OTTOMAN STATE ORGANIZATION IN THE CLASSICAL AGEA- Administrative Organization (Center and Provinces)B- Military OrganizationPART 39. OTTOMAN SOCIETY IN THE CLASSICAL AGEA- Millet System and Tolerance in the Ottoman SocietyB- Social Life in the Ottoman EmpireC- Ottoman Hâyrat (Charity) and Wakf SystemPART 40. OTTOMAN ECONOMY IN THE CLASSICAL AGEA- Monetary and Fiscal PolicyB- Economic Life in the Ottoman EmpirePART 41. PHILOSOPHY AND SCIENCE IN OTTOMAN CLASSICAL AGEPART 42. LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE IN OTTOMAN CLASSICAL AGEPART 43. CULTURE AND ARTS IN OTTOMAN CLASSICAL AGEA- About Ottoman Life of CultureB- Ottoman Architecture

 The Great Ottoman Turkish Civilisation
 Genel Türk Tarihi


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