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C- Traditional ArtsPART 44. THE AGE OF REFORMS AND CHANGESA- The Eighteenth CenturyB- Selim III and Mahmud IIC- Abdülmecid and Abdülaziz: The Periods of Tanzimat and Islahat (Reform)PART 45. ABDÜLHAMID AND THE FIRST CONSTITUTIONAL PERIODA- Abdülhamid IIB- Political Events during the Reign of Abdülhamid IIPART 46. THE SECOND CONSTITUTIONAL PERİODA- The Committee of Union and ProgressB- Political Events of the Second Coustitutional PeriodPART 47. THE FIRST WORLD WARA- World War I and the Ottoman EmpireB- Armenian QuestionPART 48. OTTOMAN STATE ORGANIZATION IN THE MODERN AGEPART 49. OTTOMAN SOCIETY IN THE MODERN AGEA- Social Life in the Modern AgeB- ImmigrationsPART 50. OTTOMAN ECONOMY IN THE MODERN AGEA- Commerce and IndustryB- Monetary and Fiscal PolicyC- TransportationPART 51. PHILOSOPHY AND SCIENCE IN THE MODERN AGEPART 52. LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE IN THE MODERN AGEPART 53. CULTURE AND ARTS IN THE MODERN AGEA- Culture, Arts and ModernizationB- Visual Arts: Classical and Modern StylesPART 54. OCCUPATION OF ANATOLIA AND NATIONAL RESISTANCE MOVEMENTSPART 55. ATATURK AND THE WAR OF NATIONAL LIBERATIONA- War of National LiberationB- Opening of Turkish Grand National AssemblyC- Diplomacy during the National Struggle Period

 The Great Ottoman Turkish Civilisation
 Genel Türk Tarihi


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Sample articles in the volume: 6

1. The Transition from Traditionalistic to Modern Reform in the Ottoman Empire: The Reigns of Sultan Selim III (1789-1807) and Sultan Mahmud II (1808-1839)
Prof. Dr. Stanford J. Shaw

2. The Ottoman Empire and the Origin of the Crimean War: Sources and Strategies
David M. Goldfrank

3. The Last Universal Empire and Abdülhamid II
Prof. Dr. İlber Ortaylı

4. The Image of the Turk at Gallipoli: Turkish Soldier in 1915 in Australian Literature and Historiography
Dr. Michael Tyquin

5. Wellington House and the Turks
Prof. Dr. Justin McCarthy

6. From Mondros to Samsun: The Birth of the Turkish Independence Struggle
Prof. Dr. Salahi R. Sonyel