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Eylül – Aralık 2001
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1. Cilt

History of the Economic Crisis
Vahit ErdemEconomic Crisis in Turkey11
Mehmet E. Palamut - Filiz GirayThe Financial Crisis Since The Proclamation of Republic and the Applied Policies20
C. Tayyar SadıklarAn Evaluation About The Economic Crisis of The Last 20 Years in Turkey35
İzzettin ÖnderThe Economic Crisis45
Ali ÖzgüvenThe Economic Crises56
Reasons for The Economic Crises
Süleyman YağızThe Reasons and The Responsible Ones for The Bottleneck in Economy, And TheArrived Point64
Erol AlRoots of The Economic Crisis and The Solution81
Nuri GürgürPanorama of The Crisis94
Müjdat TunalıReasons for the Economic Crisis and Crises in Turkey99
Şevki ÖzbilenMain Reasons for The Economic Crisis in Turkey and A Reform Proposal For The Financial System105
Mustafa AcarEconomic Politics In A Society of Chronic Crisis121
Metin UçarCrisis in The Turkish Economy:Is it a Business Cycle? Is it a Crisis of State Financing?129
Political Reasons for the Crisis and Confidence Factor
Gaffar YakınPolitics And Crisis143
Abdullah GülThe Economic Crisis And The Crises of Confidence147
Erdal TürkkanThe 2001 Economic Crisis in Turkey and The Confidence Factor150
Ercan Eren - Melike BildiriciPolitical and Economic Reasons for the Economic Crisis After 1990 in Turkey166
Aykut KibritçioğluThe Economic Crisis and The Governments in Turkey (1969-2001)174
Cafer UnayImportance of the Psychological Factors in The Crisis183
Zülfikar DamlapınarEconomic Crisis, Government and Society In Media As a Justification Tool191
The Economic Crisis and The Corruptions
Osman AltuğTransformation of a Development Model Through Informal Economy Into A Corrupt Economy = Crisis201
Fuat OğuzPublic Preference, Annuity Struggle and Bureaucracy Trap219
İ. İlhan HatipoğluEconomic Corruption – Turkey Under The Yoke Of A Corrupt Economy228
Metin ErişMan In The Middle of The Crisis238
Solutions for the Economic Crisis
Ekrem PakdemirliThe Economic Crisis and Solutions246
Nesrin NasThe Crisis and The Search For Solutions252
Besim TibukEconomy259
Rahmi M. KoçTransformation From Economic Crisis to Strong Economy262
Sakıp SabancıEconomic Crisis and After268
Ali BayramoğluEconomic Crisis and MÜSİAD’s Solution Proposals271
Atalay ŞahinoğluThe Reasons for The Crisis In Turkish Economy And Solutions282
Erol İyibozkurtThe Turkish Economic Crises and The Solution289
Ergün YenerAn Alternative to The Stability Policies For Crises Management: Stability Strategy299
Ş. Yavuz KırThe Economic Crisis and Solutions306
Ayten ErsoyMethods of Overcoming The Crisis Periods For The Business Enterprises319
The Economic Crises and Restructuring
Erkan MumcuThe Economic and Political Crisis: The Restructuring As A Recipe322
Birkan ErdalWhat Should The Turkey of The Crisis Do?337
Bülent AkarcalıThoughts and Evaluations About The Situation of Our Economy348
M. Tamer MüftüoğluThe Economic Crisis and Free Market Economy368
Yıldırım AktürkThe Strategy With Permanent Solutions for Overcoming The Existing Crisis374
Recep YazıcıoğluQuo vadis Turkey?378
Köksal ToptanTurkish Economy at The Corner Of Democracy383
Ömer İnanState’s Role In The Economic Crisis396
General Evaluations About The Economic Crisis
Metin ŞahinThe Crisis and The Diagnosis406
Muhsin YazıcıoğluFrom Complete Darkness to Dawn408
Işın ÇelebiMaladministered Economy and The Crisis414
Mehmet Altan KarapaşaoğluA Comprehensive View of The Economic Situation416
Ahmet TanThe Traces of This Crisis!424
Nevzat SaygılıoğluAbout The Health of Turkish Economy429
Mustafa BaşoğluThe Ones Responsible for The Descendant Economy432
Mehmet YıldırımThe 2001 Crisis In Turkey436
Fermani AltunTurkish Economy in The Year 2001438
H. Erdoğan SoralThe ABC of Economy and The Turkish Economy Troubled With Crisis442
Aytaç EkerThe Economic Crisis and The Departure for Stability449
Mithat MelenAnniversary of The Crisis452
Belkıs SevalA Comprehensive View of The 2001 Crisis456
Analysis of The 2000 and The 2001 Crises
Oğuz TezmenReasons for And Damages of The Economic Crises And The Solutions461
M. Rıfat HisarcıklıoğluThe Economic Crisis and Turkey472
Emin ÇarıkçıReasons for And Results of The 2000-2001 Economic Crises475
Özer ErtunaEconomic Crises In Turkey, Reasons and The Solution491
Sübidey ToganOn The November and The February Crises511
Mükerrem HiçAnatomy of the Economic Crisis, Results and Warnings518
Bülent GüloğluFrom Stability Program to Instability: Crises of November 2000 and February 2001524
Yaman TörünerStory of The November-December 2000 Crisis531
Analysis of The Economic Stability Program
Hasan KayaThe Economic Crises and The Solutions542
Tayyibe GülekPresent State of The Turkish Economy and Studies of TBMM555
Adil TemelEvaluation of The Practice of The Economic Program and Macroeconomic Developments559
Erinç YeldanIMF-Backed Anti-Inflation Program In Turkey: Is It a Program For Stability and Order or a Receipt for Financial Chaos?570
Ahmet GökçenStability Measures and The Economic Crisis587
Güneri AkalınA General View of The Program For Transition To A Strong Economy602
Orhan MorgilEconomic Crisis and Stability Programs in Turkey610
Oğuz OyanAnniversary of The Crisis: Is It Going Well Now?618
Hasan OlgunThe November, February Crises and The Program For Transition to Strong Economy626
Monetary Policies, Banking Sector and Economic Crisis
Cihan PaçacıCrises and The Turkish Banking Sector635
Niyazi ErdoğanThe Economic Crisis and The Banking System in Turkey640
Mehmet AydoğduEvaluation of the Effects of The Economic Crisis on The Country’s Insurance Sector655
Aslan Eren - Bora SüslüA General Evaluation of The Crises in Turkey From the Point of Financial Crisis Theories662
Ali AlpThe Crises in Banking Sector and Policy Proposals675
Emre AlkinFinancial Changes and Adaptation in Turkey688
Yaşar ErdinçDynamics of The Crisis and Constructive Disaster692
Ömer Faruk Çolak - Hakan N. Ardor - Mengü TuncayFinancial Crisis and Banks: The 2000-2001 Crises Example in Turkey701
Ş. Yavuz KırThe Economic Crisis And Dolarization712
Selçuk ŞenerA General View on The Turkish Banking Sector715
Financial Policies, Public Sector and The Economic Crisis
Kemal KabataşThe Problem of Public Financial Deficits and The Need For a Restructuring in Public Management729
Ahmet Rüştü ÇelebiThe Economic Crisis and Taxes735
Ertuğrul GünayCivil Consciousness and Economy744
Ömer Faruk BatırelThe 2001 Economic Crisis and The Repercussions on The Public Economy747
Sabri TekirEconomic Crisis and Internal Borrowing (The Other Side of the Medallion)752
Yusuf TunaEconomic Stability, Public Expenditure and The Crisis761
Ömer DemirThe Background of The Economic Crisis Mind770
Metin MeriçThe Effects of Public Sector on The Crises in Turkey775
Veysi Seviğ“The Lack of Public Decision Which Caused The Economic Crisis” -Unsufficient Taxation, The Propensity To Extensive Expenditure-785
The 2002 Budget and Future Views
Sait AçbaThe 2002 Budget in The Deepening Crisis Atmosphere797
Mahfi EğilmezThe Turkish Economy and The Crisis805
Erinç YeldanSome Technical Overviews on The 2002 Budget – The 2002 Budget Is a Budget of Poverty812
Esfender KorkmazThe 2002 Budget and Economic Stability816
Yusuf Ziya İrbeçThe Last Economic Crises in Turkey and The Expectations for 2002822
Rifat OrtaçTargets and The Analysis of The 2002 Budget in The Frame of The 2000 and 2001 Crises832

2. Cilt

External Economic Relations and The Economic Crisis
İlker ParasızThe Washington Consensus, The Crisis, The Dragging Their Feet and The Results847
Metin ToprakThe Financial Crisis in The Rising Markets854
Cevat Gerni - S. Yılmaz KuşkayMacroeconomic Stability in The Transition Economy and The Lessons For The Turkey After The Crisis890
Sami Güçlü -Mehmet Zeki AkTurkey’s Globalisation Process and The Economic Crisis912
Ahmet İncekaraGlobalisation, Economic Crisis and Turkey927
Zafer Tunca - Gökhan KarabulutGlobalisation, Crisis and Turkey932
Fevzi DevrimGlobalizing Crisis and Turkey939
Mustafa ErgiThe Anatomy of The Crisis in The World and Turkey946
M. Sait AkmanThe Situation of The Turkish Economy and The Effects of The Economic Crisis in The Respect of The Copenhagen Criteria for The Accession to The European Union956
The Economic Crisis and Foreign Trade Policies
Cevat AyhanA Country Unable to Rule Itself: Turkey964
Mehmet ZelkaCrisis, Economic Development and Foreign Trade973
H. Halil VanlıForeign Exchange Policy of Turkey and The Balance of Trade After The Crisis985
M. Okan OğuzThe Antidote Of The Crisis is Export992
The Economic Crisis and IMF
Ali CoşkunThe IMF Programs and The Turkish Economy From The Aspect of The Budget998
S. Rıdvan KarlukEconomic Crisis in The Global World1009
Mehmet GünalThe Crises, IMF’s Role and Turkey1029
Mustafa TaşarThe Way Out From The Economic Crisis: Tourism1041
TOBB Sektör UzmanlarıThe Economic Crisis and The Tourism Sector1049
A. Kenan TanrıkuluThe Economic Crisis and Its Effects on The Production Sector1051
Bülent EczacıbaşıToday of The Medical Sector1060
Zafer ÇağlayanState, Turkish Industry and Economic Growth1063
Sinan AygünA General View of Turkish Economy – Problems of The Real Sector and Solution Proposals1068
Orhan AydınThe King Is Naked1071
Veysel YayanTurkish Steel-Coal Sector During The Economic Crisis1076
TOBB Sector Experts The Economic Crisis and The Sectors1079
Mahmut ErdirTurkish Agriculture, The Bottlenecks and Solutions1088
Faruk YücelThe Problems and The Search for Solution in Turkish Agriculture1094
Nazmi DemirIndustrialisation of The Agriculture, Adjustment to The European Union1101
The Economic Crisis and The Social Policies
Yaşar OkuyanThe Economic Crisis and Employment1113
Ertuğrul KumcuoğluWhen Economic Crisis Is Said1131
Bayram MeralThe Economic Crisis1134
Nahit TöreThe Crisis and Turkish Working Life1148
The Economic Crisis and Poverty
Salim UsluEconomic Crisis and Poverty1163
Süleyman ÇelebiThere Are Solutions for The Crisis1172
Derviş GündayCraftsmen and Artisans At The Threshold of 20021180
İsmail KaramanEconomic Crisis and The Homeless Poor1183
Theoretical Approaches To The Economic Crisis
Recep KökCyclical Analysis of The Economic Crises and An Experimentation Concerning The Turkish Case1191
Vildan Serin-Eyup BastıTheoretical Explanations About The Crisis in Developing Countries and The Turkish Case1214
Coşkun Can Aktan-Hüseyin ŞenEconomic Crisis: Reasons and Solutions1225
Erdoğan Alkin“Crisis” Dilemma of The Developing Countries1231
Gülsün Gürkan YayFinancial Crises in The 1990s and The Turkish Crisis1234
Yüksel BirinciFinancial Crisis and “The New Architecture of The International Finance Markets”1249
Theoric Economic Analysis
Doğan KargülDynamic Analysis of The Interaction Between Inflation and National Income1263
Özlem Özkıvrak-Dilek Dileyici Market Economy and State in Turkey In Terms of The Trends in The 21st Century1267
Milton Friedman-Rose D. FriedmanWaves of Economic Thought: Transformation of The Social Life and Thought1278
John RobinsonThe Second Crisis of Economic Theory1286
Discussions on Fiscal Theory
Coşkun Can AktanLord Keynes, The Keynesians and The Functionalists1295
James M. BuchananKeynesian Follies1312
James M. BuchananBudgetary Bias in Post-Keynesian Politics and Erosion of Fiscal Norms1321
James M. BuchananLimits of Taxation1331
Abba P. LernerFunctional Finance and The Federal Dept1341
Alvin HansenNew Fiscal Policy versus Old Fiscal Policy1349
Coşkun Can AktanThe Bankruptcy of The Modern Fiscal Theories and The Victory of The Fiscal Traditionalism1354
Hakkı SürelThe 2000 Crisis and Privatization!1366
Şafak Ertan ÇomaklıThe 2001 Crisis in Turkey and Economical-Political Analysis of The Municipalities1369
Sinan AygünMain Problems of The Economy and The Realities1377
Beşir AtalaySocial Reflections of The Economic Crisis1383
İbrahim Atilla AcarFor Turkey Whether Deficit Budget or Balanced Budget is Proper?1393
Metin ToprakEconomy Politics in Turkey and The Financial Crisis1423
Mustafa SakalThe Problem of The Maintenance of Public Deficit and Borrowing: Analysis of The1988-2000 Season1480
Dış Ekonomik İlişkiler ve Ekonomik Kriz
İlker ParasızWashington Konsensüsü, Krizler, Ayak Sürümeleri ve Sonuçları847
Metin ToprakYükselen Piyasalarda Finansal Kriz854
Cevat Gerni - S. Yılmaz KuşkayGeçiş Ekonomilerinde Makroekonomik İstikrar ve Kriz Sonrası Türkiye İçin Dersler890
Sami Güçlü -Mehmet Zeki AkTürkiye'nin Küreselleşme Süreci ve Ekonomik Krizler912
Ahmet İncekaraKüreselleşme, Ekonomik Kriz ve Türkiye927
Zafer Tunca - Gökhan KarabulutKüreselleşme, Kriz ve Türkiye932
Fevzi DevrimKüreselleşen Krizler ve Türkiye939
Mustafa ErgiDünya'da ve Türkiye'de Krizin Anatomisi946
M. Sait AkmanAvrupa Birliği'ne Üyelikte Kopenhag Kriterleri Açısından Türkiye Ekonomisinin Durumu ve Ekonomik Krizin Etkileri956
Ekonomik Kriz ve Dış Ticaret Politikaları
Cevat AyhanKendini Yönetemeyen Ülke: Türkiye964
Mehmet ZelkaKriz, Ekonomik Gelişme ve Dış Ticaret973
H. Halil VanlıTürkiye'de Uygulanan Kur Politikaları ve Kriz Sonrası Dış Ticaret Dengesi985
M. Okan OğuzKriz Panzehiri İhracattır992
Ekonomik Kriz ve IMF
Ali CoşkunIMF Programları ve Bütçe Işığında Türk Ekonomisi998
S. Rıdvan KarlukKüresel Dünya'da Ekonomik Kriz1009
Mehmet GünalKrizler, IMF'nin Rolü ve Türkiye1029
Mustafa TaşarEkonomik Krizden Çıkışın Anahtarı: Turizm1041
TOBB Sektör UzmanlarıEkonomik Kriz ve Turizm Sektörü1049
A. Kenan TanrıkuluEkonomik Kriz ve Üretim Sektörüne Etkileri1051
Bülent Eczacıbaşıİlaç Sektöründe Bugün1060
Zafer ÇağlayanDevlet, Türk Sanayii ve Ekonomik Büyüme1063
Sinan AygünTürkiye Ekonomisine Genel Bir Bakış - Reel Kesimin Sorunları ve Çözüm Önerileri1068
Orhan AydınKıral Çıplak1071
Veysel YayanEkonomik Kriz Sürecinde Türk Demir-Çelik Sektörü1076
TOBB Sektör UzmanlarıEkonomik Kriz ve Sektörler1079
Mahmut ErdirTürkiye Tarımı, Darboğazları ve Çözüm Önerileri1088
Faruk YücelTürk Tarımında Sorunlar ve Çözüm Yolları Arayışı1094
Nazmi DemirTarımın Sanayileşmesi, Avrupa Birliği'ne Uyum1101
Ekonomik Kriz ve Sosyal Politikalar
Yaşar OkuyanEkonomik Kriz ve İstihdam1113
Ertuğrul KumcuoğluEkonomik Kriz Denince1131
Bayram MeralEkonomik Kriz1134
Nahit TöreKriz ve Türk Çalışma Hayatı1148
Ekonomik Kriz ve Yoksulluk
Salim UsluEkonomik Kriz ve Yoksulluk1163
Süleyman ÇelebiKrizi Aşacak Çözümler Vardır1172
Derviş Günday2002'ye Girerken Türk Esnaf ve Sanatkârları1180
İsmail KaramanEkonomik Kriz ve Kimsesiz Yoksullarımız1183
Ekonomik Krize Teorik Yaklaşımlar
Recep Kökİktisadi Krizlerin Konjonktürel Analizi ve Türkiye Özeline İlişkin Bir Deneme1191
Vildan Serin-Eyup BastıGelişmekte Olan Ülkelerde Görülen Finansal Krizlere Getirilen Teorik Açıklamalar ve Türkiye Örneği1214
Coşkun Can Aktan-Hüseyin ŞenEkonomik Kriz: Nedenler ve Çözüm Önerileri1225
Erdoğan AlkinGelişmekte Olan Ülkelerin "Kriz" İkilemi1231
Gülsün Gürkan Yay1990'lı Yıllardaki Finansal Krizler ve Türkiye Krizi1234
Yüksel BirinciFinansal Krizler ve "Uluslar arası Finansal Piyasaların Yeni Mimarisi"1249
Teorik Ekonomik Analizler
Doğan KargülEnflasyon ve Milli Gelir Arasındaki Etkileşimin Dinamik Tahlili1263
Özlem Özkıvrak-Dilek Dileyici21. Yüzyıldaki Eğilimler Doğrultusunda Türkiye'de Piyasa Ekonomisi ve Devlet1267
Milton Friedman-Rose D. Friedmanİktisadi Düşünce Dalgaları: Toplumsal Yaşamın ve Düşüncenin Dönüşümü1278
John Robinsonİktisat Teorisinin İkinci Krizi1286
Maliye Teorisi Üzerine Bir Tartışma
Coşkun Can AktanLord Keynes, Keynezyenler ve Fonksiyonalistler1295
James M. BuchananKeynezyen Yanlışlar1312
James M. BuchananPost-Keynezyenlerde Bütçe Politikası ve Mali Normların Erozyonu1321
James M. BuchananVergilemenin Sınırları1331
Abba P. LernerFonksiyonel Maliye ve Devlet Borçları1341
Alvin HansenYeni Maliye Politikasına Karşı Eski Maliye Politikası1349
Coşkun Can AktanModern Maliyenin İflası ve Mali Gelenekçiliğin Zaferi1354
Hakkı Sürel2000 Krizi ve Özelleştir me!1366
Şafak Ertan ÇomaklıTürikye'de 2001 Krizi ve Belediyelerin Ekonomik-Politik Analizi1369
Sinan AygünEkonominin Temel Sorunları ve Gerçekler1377
Beşir AtalayEkonomik Krizin Toplumsal Yansımaları1383
İbrahim Atilla AcarTürkiye İçin Açık Bütçe mi, Denk Bütçe mi?1393
Metin ToprakTürkiye'nin Ekonomi Politiği ve Mali Krizler1423
Mustafa SakalTürkiye'de Kamu Açıkları ve Borçlanmanın Sürdürülebilirliği Sorunu: 1988-2000 Dönem Analizi1480

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